This page offers an insight view on issues related to application of new innovative technologies in the financial services sector.

About the Innovation Gateway

The main purpose of the National Bank’s Innovation Gateway is to facilitate, encourage and support the innovation in financial services, by providing information to all companies willing to pursue innovative business activities.

The Innovation Gateway is supposed to serve as a communication channel/platform for communication between the innovation community (fintech sector), the National Bank and other relevant authorities, while building trust and dialogue among parties.

The Innovation Gateway would allow fintech firms to engage with the National Bank outside of the formal regulator/firm engagement processes.

By offering legally non-binding guidance and navigation through the regulatory landscape, the National Bank is willing to consider the need for a possible change of regulation and to remove barriers for entry into new innovative businesses, while protecting the integrity of the financial sector and preventing an excessive accumulation of risks.

If you are developing or implementing innovations in financial services based on new technologies, we would appreciate to hear it from you.

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