Portfolio investments include investments in equity and investment fund shares, where the investor's share is less than 10%, as well as debt securities investment. The data on the portfolio investment stock on the assets side are presented crosswise according to: the country of investment and the type of the security, the country of investment and the sector of the domestic investor, and the type of the security and the original currency in which the securities are issued.

Foreign securities investments already included in the official foreign reserves data are not included in the portfolio investments category.

Latest developments:

On 30.06.2021, portfolio investment stock on the assets side (investments of residents in foreign securities) amounted to Euro 550.4 million, of which Euro 514.8 million are investments in foreign equity securities, while Euro 35.6 million are investments in foreign debt securities.

Analyzed by countries, the largest portfolio investments are in the United States, in the amount of Euro 381.8 million and Germany, amounting Euro 76.4 million.

From the aspect of the investments by the currency of denomination, the largest part of portfolio investments are made in US Dollar and Euro (Euro 416.8 million and Euro 118.1 million, respectively).

Analyzed by the Sector of the resident holder, at the end of first semester of 2021, Insurance Corporations and Pensions Funds have a dominant share, with stock of portfolio investments amounted to Euro 464.1 million or 84.3% from the total portfolio investments.

With respect to the Sector of the non-resident issuer, resident investments in securities issued by Other Financial Corporations (other than Insurance Corporations and Pension Funds and Money Market Funds) and Nonfinancial Corporations (Euro 391.6 million and Euro 99 million, respectively) are dominant.  




Archive on Portfolio Investment (CPIS)  

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