List of Boxes:

Quarterly Report, February 2017
–  Debt analysis of the Macedonian corporate sector and adaptation to the postcrisisperiod

Quarterly Report, November 2016 
–  Effects from the exit of Great Britain from the European Union – Brexit
–  Size and concentration of the banking system

Quarterly Report August 2016 
–  Short-term GDP projection models in the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
–  Effects of the companies' activity in the technological and industrial development zones on the balance of payments of the Republic of Macedonia
–  Stocktaking of the trade credits of the Macedonian economy 

Quarterly report, Маy 2016 
– Brief analysis of the financial sector in the Republic of Macedonia with a particular focus on other non-depositary institutions
– Dynamic and comparative analysis of budget revenues and expenses of Macedonia
– Direct and indirect effects of the slowdown of the economic growth in China on the Macedonian economy

Quarterly Report, February 2016 
– Trade connection between the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe with the European Union, with particular focus on the connection with Germany The transition process through which the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe
– CompNet Competitiveness Indicators - novel perspective of the export competitiveness

Quarterly Report, November 2015  
– Assessment of money demand with reference to the equilibrated level of money supply in the Republic of Macedonia
– Indicators of the developments in the tourism sector in Macedonia

Quarterly Report, August 2015 
- Analysis of monetary transmission through the interest rates in the Republic of Macedonia 
- The analysis of the effects of the Greek crisis on the export sector of the Republic of Macedonia, with an additional focus on selected economies in the region
- Economic activity in Macedonia through a regional prism – what does the statistics on regional accounts show? 
- Comparison of the movement of world oil prices with the movement of selected indicators of domestic economic activity

Quarterly Report, May 2015 
- Analysis of the decline in prices in the case of the Republic of Macedonia
- Beveridge curve for Macedonia and comparative analysis with other European countries
- Brief analysis of the sensitivity of the credit conditions of banks (Lending Survey) to changes in the key interest rate of the NBRM 
- A brief analysis of the impact of changes in the interest rate spread on the decisions of households for saving in the short or long term

Quarterly Report, February 2015 
- Impact of the movement of world oil prices on the trade balance
- Indirect effects of oil prices on inflation 
- Credit supply and demand as factors affecting credit growth: Analysis based on Lending Surveys of the NBRM 
- Output gap in Macedonia - effects of different methods of calculation and revisions in databases 
- Review of data on GDP methodology under ESA 2010

Quarterly Report, October 2014 
- Change in the scope of the public debt with the amendments to the Law on Public Debt
- Analysis of the changes in the unemployment rate with special reference to unemployment among young people
- Sensitivity of the prices of certain products to changes in economic activity
- Brief overview of the concept of fiscal rules
- Fiscal Compact and Six Pack - new chapters in reforming the fiscal governance of EU
- The relation between real estate prices and the economic cycle

Quarterly Report, July 2014 
- Review of the Latest Set of Measures Adopted by the European Central Bank (ECB) in June 2014
- The Role of Base Effects of Volatile Consumer Price Components on Future Inflation Movements
- Analysis of the Sensitivity of Imports of Consumer Goods to Changes in Consumer Loans to Households
- Information on Changes in External Statistics arising from the Application of New International Statistical Standards
- Alternative Indicators for Monitoring the Relationship between Lending and Economic Activity

Quarterly Report, April 2014 
- The Crisis in Ukraine and its Effects on the Macedonian Economy
- Summary Comparative Analysis of the Added Value in Construction
- Effects of Foreign Direct Investments on the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report, January 2014
- Revision of GDP quarterly data
- Sector analysis of the labor productivity
- Summary of the active labour market programs and measures in the Republic of Macedonia
- Changes in the monetary instruments of the NBRM in November 2013
- Sector perspective of economic activity and credit growth

Quarterly Report, October 2013
- Sectoral perspective of employment and economic activity

Quarterly Report, July 2013
- FED's exit strategy from the quantitative easing program
- Index of skills supply and demand mismatch on the labour market
- Changes in the reserve requirement in July 2013
- Analysis of the dynamics of interest rates on deposits in the Republic of Macedonia
- Relation between credit supply and demand and their effects on the overall credit activity

Quarterly Report, April 2013
- Analysis of the factors of change of household deposits in the Republic of Macedonia in 2012

Quarterly Report, January 2013
- Is Okun's law applied in Macedonia?
- The influence of the monetary policy on the bank credit policy - Lending Survey analysis

Quarterly Report, October 2012

Quarterly Report, July 2012
- Analysis of labor supply

Quarterly Report, April 2012
- Changes in the operational framework for conducting the NBRM monetary policy

Quarterly Report, January 2012
- Conclusions of the December European Council summit
- Unconventional monetary measures adopted by the European Central Bank (ECB)

Quarterly Report, October 2011

Quarterly Report, July 2011
- Composite Index of the Financial Conditions
- Unused capacities in companies – consequences of the crisis and implications for future labor market movements
- Analysis of households’ indebtedness - Specifics for the Republic of Macedonia and implications when comparing the indebtedness degree with other countries

Quarterly Report, April 2011

Quarterly Report, January 2011
- Heterogeneity of the economic growth in the Eurozone after the global crisis: Implications on the monetary policy
- GDP data revision

Quarterly Report, October 2010

Quarterly Report, July 2010
- Fiscal and monetary measures of the EU member countries for financial stabilization
- Estimations and projections of the business sector for the economic cycle analyzed using Surveys on Business tendencies
- The problem with the uncertainty and the revisions to the data in context of the projections

Quarterly Report, April 2010
- Carry-over effect on the annual average real GDP growth
- Comparative analysis of the volatility of the gross domestic product and the industrial production
- Initial signs for credit activity recuperation?

Quarterly Report, January 2010
- Revisions of GDP and GDP components

Quarterly Report, October 2009

Quarterly Report, July 2009
- Revision of GDP 2002-2007 (size, direction and predictability)
- Transfer effects of the global economic crisis on the Macedonian economy

Quarterly Report, April 2009
- Analysis of the real estate prices in the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report, January 2009
- Monetary aggregates in individual economies
- Sector analysis of the financial indicators on the listed companies on the stock exchange

Quarterly Report, October 2008
- Index of prices of real estate for the Republic of Macedonia
- Changes in the reference interest rates of individual central banks
- World financial crisis and Balkan stock exchanges

Quarterly Report, July 2008
- Disposable income of households
- Measures undertaken by the central banks for maintaining the price stability and liquidity regulation

Quarterly Report, April 2008
- Analysis of the employment and salaries in the period 2001-2006

Quarterly Report III/2007, December 2007
- Prices of food
- Comparison of MBI-10 with the national and composite indices in the region

Quarterly Report II/2007, September 2007
- Alternative measures of convergence in the financial intermediation – have we really gone very far?
- Increase in the nominal yield of the Macedonian Eurobond

Quarterly Report I/2007, March 2007
- Empirical researches related to the rigidity of the prices
- Reforms in the tax system of the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report IV/2006, March 2006
- Aggregate demand in the Republic of Macedonia
- Structural export competitiveness of the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report III/2006, December 2006
- Long-term component of unemployment in the Republic of Macedonia
- Features of the export specialization of the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report II/2006, September 2006
- Creditworthiness rating of the country according to the Institutional Investor

Quarterly Report I/2006, June 2006
- Treasury bills for monetary objectives
- Initiation of the reformed two-pillar pension system
- External debt of the private sector

Quarterly Report IV/2005, March 2006
- An outline of the transition indicators of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Republic of Macedonia
- Review of the sixth Ministerial Conference within the negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO)
- Eurobonds

Quarterly Report III/2005, December 2005
- Analysis of the expenditure side of GDP
- An outline of the new Law on Labor Relations
- Introduction of repo transactions in the Republic of Macedonia
- The comparative analysis of both households and enterprises' deposits in the South-East European Countries
- Private transfers in the Southeast European countries
- New trading rules on the foreign exchange market in the Republic of Macedonia

Quarterly Report II/2005, August 2005
- Analysis of the production side of GDP
- Effect of the Treasury bills investments on the money supply
- Establishment of the Over the Counter Market in the Republic of Macedonia
- Effect of the cancellation of the quotas under the Multifiber Agreement (MFA) on the export of clothing and textile from the Republic of Macedonia
- Summary of the last round of negotiations with the World Trade Organization
- Assessment of the external debt sustainability by application of the analytical framework prepared by the IMF
- Appreciation of the US Dollar on the international stock exchanges

Quarterly Report I/2005, September 2005
- Oil prices on the international markets
- Inflation movement in the Euro zone in the first three months of 2005
- Payment operations in the Republic of Macedonia
- Payment cards in the Republic of Macedonia
- Liberalization of Maastricht Criteria ("Stability and Growth Pact")

Quarterly Report IV/2004, February 2005
- The influence of the world oil price on the import of oil in the Republic of Macedonia
- Movement of the nominal Denar exchange rate relative to the US Dollar (May 1995 - December 2004)

Quarterly Report III/2004, November 2004
- Global Competitiveness Report for 2004 of the World Economic Forum

Quarterly Report II/2004, August 2004
- Velocity of money
- Herfindahl - Hirschman Index of Export - Import Concentration

Quarterly Report I/2004, May 2004
- Introduction of short-term Government securities to the Macedonian financial market
- Review of the Stock Exchange activity in the first quarter of 2004