Anita Angelovska Bezhoska

Anita Angelovska Bezhoska assumed office of Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia in May 2018. She is also a Governor for the Republic of North Macedonia on the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and member of the Steering Committee of the Vienna Initiative 2, as representative of the six countries from the Southeast European region that are not yet members of the European Union (EU). She assumed office of Governor after almost twelve years of work experience in the National Bank, first as a chief economist, and almost eight years after, as a vice-governor in charge of the monetary policy, research and statistics. She was also an Alternate Governor for the Republic of Macedonia on the Board of Governors of the IMF. By the end of 2019, she was also a member of the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel.

Prior to joining the central bank team, she worked at the IMF in Washington DC, USA, for two years, primarily as an economist in the European Department, and shortly in the Fiscal Affairs Department. At the same time, she was a member of several IMF negotiation missions for signing agreements with member states. Since 2006, she has continuously been engaged as an expert in the IMF teams for providing technical assistance to several countries in Europe.

She started her career as an expert associate on the financial system in the Ministry of Finance, where she spent eight years of her working career holding various positions. Among other things, first as a head of the project for establishing a treasury system in our country and then as a manager of the Treasury Department within this Ministry, she made an exceptionally significant contribution to the implementation of the key reforms in the public finance system in the country such as introduction of a treasury single account, development of cash management and forecasting, promotion of budgetary accounting, development of treasury securities market and promotion of budget reporting in line with international standards. Her contribution to the development of public finances in our country was acknowledged with an award granted by the US Embassy in our country in 2004.

During 2003 and 2004, she served as a State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance responsible for coordinating the activities of all departments in the Ministry, coordinating the processes related to the European integration, budget reforms and negotiations with international financial institutions. Also, in 2004, she was a manager of the preparation team for issuing the first credit rating for our country.

She is the author of several expert and research papers in the area of ​​monetary policy and macroeconomic policy in general, as well as papers in the area of ​​fiscal policy and public finance management. During her career, she has been engaged as a lecturer by many domestic and international educational and scientific institutions. In 2015, she defended her doctoral dissertation Coordination of the Monetary and Fiscal Policies in the Republic of Macedonia, at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia.