Direct investments are cross-border investments made to obtain a lasting interest in an enterprise resident in an economy other than the investor’s, as well as to gain influence on the business strategy of that enterprise. In accordance with the international recommendations and standards, criterion for defining the direct investments is a minimum 10% capital share (direct or indirect) in the entity in which the capital is invested. Direct investments statistics covers direct investment abroad and direct investment in the country, with data for stock and flows, by countries and activities. 

Depending on the direction of the investment, the NBRNM's Statistical Survey on direct investments covers data for stocks and flows of Direct Investments abroad (Outward Direct Investments) and Direct Investments in the country (Inward Direct Investments). Direct Investments abroad include investments of a resident direct investor (legal entity or individual) in a non-resident direct investment enterprise. Direct Investments in the country include investments of a nonresident direct investor (legal entity or individual) in a resident direct investment enterprise.

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