Skopje, NBRM, May 22, 2007

Workshop: "Problems in measuring inflation"



10:00 Introductory speech and opening of the workshop:

Mr. Petar Goshev, MSc., Governor of the NBRM         (PDF)

Ms. Blagica Novkovska, MSc., Director of the SSO     (PDF)

Presentations Part I

Moderator: Ms. Aneta KrstevskaPh.D., director of Research Department at NBRM

10:15 "Inflation measurement and inflation from the monetary policy perspective" (Macedonian version only) - Ms. Biljana Davidovska-Stojanova, NBRM and Ms. Snezana Sipovic, SSO

presentation (PPS) (Macedonian version only)

10:35  "HICP, past achievements and future challenges" - Mr. Jarko Pasanen, Eurostat

presentation (PPS)

10:55 "CPI measurement issues with a special focus on owner-occupied housing" - Ms. Alexandra Heath, BIS

presentation (PPS)

11:15  Discussion

11:30 Coffee break

Presentations Part II

Moderator: Ms. Ana Mitreska, deputy director of Research Department at NBRM

11:45 "Factors of inflation in the Republic of Macedonia" (Macedonian version only) - Mr. Goran Petrevski, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Skopje

presentation (PPS) (Macedonian version only)

12:05 "The role of inflation and inflationary expectations in creating banks' business policy" - Mr. Gligor Bishev, Ph.D., President of the Bank Association in the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce 

presentation (PPS) (Macedonian version only)

12:25 "Inflation and budget deficit: Empirical facts from Macedonia" (Macedonian version only) - Ms. Nikica Mojsoska - Blazeski, Ph.D., Head of the Macroeconomic Unit in the Ministry of Finance 

presentation (PPS) (Macedonian version only)

12:45 "The influence of the inflation variability and uncertainty on domestic investments-experiences from the European region"- Mr. Aleksandar Stojkov, Center for Economic Analyses

presentation (PPS) (Macedonian version only)

13:05 Discussion

13:20 Closing of the workshop and recommendations


13.35 Cocktail