November 23, 2006 (Thursday), NBRM, 8-th floor

Workshop: "Energy Consumption in the Republic of Macedonia and its Effects on the Balance of Payments"


Moderator: Ms. Aneta Krstevska, MSc., Manager of the Research Department, NBRM

09:30 Opening speech - Mr. Petar Goshev, MSc., Governor of the NBRM

09:45 "Analysis of the Energy Consumption in the Republic of Macedonia and its Significance for the Balance of Payments and Inflation" - Ms. Biljana Davidovska-Stojanova, Advisor, Research Department, NBRM

10:05 "Activities related to the economic and financial conditions in the energy sector and measures for their consolidation" - Mr. Nikola Cerepnalkovski, State Advisor, Ministry of Economy

10:25 "Energy Status and Perspectives of the Republic of Macedonia" - Mr. Vlatko Cingoski, Ph.D., General Manager of ELEM

10:45 "Participation of the Import in the Structure of the EES in Macedonia, Trends and Options" - Mr. Atanasko Tuneski, Ph.D., General Manager of MEPSO

11:05 "The Chances of Macedonia in the Energy Area" - Mr. Günther Ofner, Ph.D.,Chairman of the Board of Directors of EVN Macedonia

11:25 - 11:55 Coffee break (small hall, 8-th floor)

11:55 "Sustainable Energy-Energetic Efficiency and Renewable Sources" - Mr. Rubin Talevski, Ph.D., Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Skopje

12:15 "Possibilities for Renewable Sources in Macedonian Conditions" - Ms. Natasa Markovska, Ph.D., Senior Associate in the Research Center for Energy, Informatics and Materials of MANU

12:35 "Structural Changes in the Manifacturing Industry and Energetic Efficiency" - Mr. Metodija Nestorovski, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Economics

12:55 "Analysis of the Relation between Gross Domestic Product and Energy Consumption in the Country" and "The Influence of the Combined Thermo Power Plant on the Balance of Payments and the Energy Status in the Country" - Mr. Dimitar Hadzi-Misev, Ph.D., President of the Macedonian Energy Association, Macedonian Economic Chamber and Manager of Toplifikacija, Skopje

13:15 "The Influence of the import of crude oil on the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Macedonia" - Mr. Srekko Surkov, Director of the Finance and Administration, OKTA

13:35 "Bio Fuel as a Factor for Reducing the Dependence on Energy Import" - Mr. Andreja Josifovski, Chairman of the Board of Makpetrol, Skopje

13:55 Discussion

14:25 Closing of the workshop

14:30 Cocktail (small hall, 8-th floor)