Skopje, April 26 -28, 2012

20th anniversary of the monetary independence of the Republic of Macedonia - Conference: Challenges of the Countries from South-Eastern Europe in the Current Economic and Financial Turbulence in the Eurozone

Location: Alexandar Palace Hotel

27.04.2012 (Friday)
Location: Alexandar Palace Hotel

08.30   Registration of participants

09.00 - 09.15  Mr. Dimitar Bogov, Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, Opening Speech

09.15 - 09.30  Mr. Zoran Stavreski, Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and Minister of Finance, Introductory Address 

09.30 - 09.45  Coffee break

09.45 - 10.05  Mr. Alexander F. Tieman, IMF Resident Representative in the Republic of Macedonia, Key note speaker (presentation PDF)

10.05 - 11.25   Panel of the Governors

11.25 - 11.30   Announcement of the Annual Award of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia for the Best Paper of a Young Researcher  

11.30 - 11.45   Coffee break

Session I: The growth strategy of the countries in the region in the turbulent global environment
Mr. Lubos Komarek, Director, External Economic Relations Division, Czech National Bank, Chairman

11.45 - 12.05   Mr. Peter Sanfey, Deputy Director of Country Strategy and Policy, EBRD, key note speaker

12.05 - 12.20   Mr. Martin Feldkircher, Economist of Foreign Research Division, Central Bank of Austria (OeNB) - Drivers of output loss during the 2008-09 crisis: A focus on emerging Europe (presentation PDF)

12.20 - 12.35   Mr. Georgi Deyanov, Junior Expert, Macroeconomic Research Division, Bulgarian National Bank - Comparative study on the effects of the global economic crisis on the economic activity in the EU member states (presentation PDF)

12.35 - 12.50    Mr. Murat Ungor, Economist, Research and Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of   the Republic of Turkey - A structuralist interpretation of savings, investment and current account in Turkey (presentation PDF)

12.50 - 13.00   Discussion

13.00 - 14.00  Lunch

Session II: The debt management challenges of the EU and countries in the region
Mr. Aleksandar Stojkov, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, "Sts. Cyril and Methodius" University, Skopje, Chairman

14.00 -14.20   Mr. Peter Mooslechner, Director, Economic Analysis and Research Department, OeNB, key note speaker (presentation PDF)

14.20 - 14.35   Ms. Elona Dushku, Head of Methodological Research in Micro Data Unit, Bank of Albania - Fiscal policy and its implications for a small developing economy: the case of Albania (presentation PDF)

14.35 - 14.50   Ms. Dana Hajkova, Head of Fiscal Analysis Unit, Czech National Bank - Fiscal discretion in the Czech Republic 2001 -2011: Stocktaking and evaluation of impact  (presentation PDF)

14.50 - 15.05   Mr. Mite Miteski, Junior Analyst in the Research Department, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia - Sustainability of public finances in EU candidate countries (presentation PDF)

15.05 - 15.15   Discussion

15.15 - 15.30   Coffee break

Session III: The financial stability challenges of the EU and countries in the region

15.30 - 15.35   Mr. Lalit Raina, Sector Manager for Finance and Private Sector Development in the Europe and Central Asia Region, World Bank, moderator, Opening of the third session (presentation PDF)

15.35 - 15.50   Mr. Ferhat Camlica, Senior Expert, EU Relations Division, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey - The South Eastern Europe? Post crisis prospects and risks (presentation PDF)

15.50 - 16.05   Mr. Krzysztof Olszewski, Economist, Economic Institute, National Bank of Poland - The impact of the commercial real estate on the financial sector, its tracking by central banks and some recommendations for the macro-financial stability policy of central banks in CEE (presentation PDF)

16.05 -16.20   Mr. Balazs Vonnak, Head of Monetary Strategy Unit, Hungarian National Bank - Carry trade, delayed overshooting and monetary policy (presentation PDF)

16.20 - 16.35   Mr. Mihajlo Vaskov, Senior Analyst in the Financial Stability and Banking Regulation Department, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia - Macroeconomic determinants of nonperforming loans in the Macedonian banking system - panel data analysis (presentation PDF)

16.35 - 17.00   Discussion and closing the conference

Location: Museum of the NBRM

19.00 - 20.30   Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Museum of the NBRM 

Opening of the restored permanent exhibition "Coins and Monetary Systems in Macedonia" and promotion of a new museum catalog, Mr. Dimitar Bogov, Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Honorary address by Mr. Ljube Trpeski, the second Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia and founder of the Museum of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Address by Ms. Vera Bitrakova - Grozdanova, University Professor, Department of History of Art and Archaeology