11th Conference for Payments and Market Infrastructures:

 Let’s Get Digital

6-8 June 2018, Hotel Inex Gorica,

Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia 

The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with the De Nederlandsche Bank will host the 11th Conference for Payments and Market Infrastructures: Let’s Get Digital, which will be held in Ohrid, from 6 to 8 June 2018. The Conference which has had an international character for many years will enlighten the on-going global process of moving to a digital business and payments. With the rise of new payment digital technologies developed by the FinTech, and increasingly adopted by banks, consumers and merchants nowadays have had a wide range of payment products to choose from. Innovation developments, such as instant payments, payment initiation services, person-to-person mobile payments and contactless proximity payments have the digitization process accompanied by innovative solutions in their essence. The payment innovations and digitization process also have an impact on the transformation of Payment Market Infrastructures. These developments have raised various issues related to the requirements for bank openness, customer security, transparency and trust in the payment services market as well as consumer rights protection. Consequently, the regulators have to adapt fast and comprehensively the regulatory frameworks in the payment area. The conference will be a platform for active discussion about all the above relevant developments in the payment market by bringing together the experience of banks, payment and e-money institutions, payment systems, central banks and other relevant authorities.

Conference Program


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