We, the National Bank, give you opportunities for active learning and continuous development on a professional and personal level. In that progress, we, as a modern employer:

► Care for achieving the primary objective of the National Bank and for carrying out its tasks, as well as for the reputation in the domestic and international environment, with a high level of professionalism in the work;

► Use appropriate strategies for selection, development, motivation and retention of professionals who will help us in achieving our goals with their potential;

► Support the development of the individual potential by investing in trainings and learning at work, as well as mentorship from experienced and professional colleagues;

► Constantly strengthen our team of professionals with candidates with long-year experience, as well as with those who are at the very beginning of their career;

► Manage the knowledge, the skills and the competences of employees and we provide a pleasant working environment and corporate behavior;

► Provide a high level of engagement of each employee at their post and of the team, in order to achieve successful results and value added in the work;        

► Value employees who have made significant contribution to the work and we encourage them toward development solutions.

In addition, we provide rewards for contribution, research opportunities, visits to European central banks and beyond, support in academic studies, sports activities, internal trainings for personal development, team socializing, trade union benefits, a Library with the most contemporary professional literature and many other challenges!

In the internal human resources management and in the building of organizational and individual awareness, we are guided by the following postulates:

Respect for others - cooperation and communication, at every level, thus taking care of fairness, respect, honesty and trust;

Accepting diversities ‒ building an environment of acceptance of the diversities among the employees, their attitudes, characteristics and ideas, thus encouraging their inclusiveness;

Transparency ‒ encouraging open communication and information at every level;

Readiness for changes and innovations ‒ openness to new opportunities, constant learning, encouraging creativity, as well as undertaking activities for continuous improvement of the work and the results;

Fair treatment ‒ establishing just behavior for equal treatment in managing the employees. Specifically, providing equal possibilities for the employees in relation to the improvement in the work, the access to all types of professional trainings, the working conditions and all rights and obligations from labor relations;

Raising awareness ‒ taking personal responsibility in the work, motivating and self-motivating for greater contribution, active engagement and keeping high-quality staff;

Awareness ‒ responsibility when failing to observe the order, the discipline and the contractual obligations;

Non-discrimination ‒ respecting diversities in terms of race or ethnic origin, skin color, sex, age, religious, political or other belief, membership in trade unions, national or social origin, family status, property status, sexual orientation etc.

The vision, the mission and the postulates in the management of the employees and their mutual cooperation result from the National Bank’s Human Resources Management Policy (download).

The word "team" is key in our work!

Be part of our team!