Agenda for the 2008 Spring Conference of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Skopje, Holiday Inn (Hall Millennium 1), 30 May 2008

08:30 Registration

09:00 Opening  remarks - Petar Goshev, MSc., Governor of the NBRM     PDF

09:30 Coffee break

10:00 Session 1: The Path towards EU and the Single Currency

-  Growth and Economic Policy: Are There Speed Limits to Real Convergence? - István P. Székely - Research Director, DG Economic and Financial Affairs,  European Commission      PPS

- ECB's Monetary Policy Strategy and the Euro Area Enlargement - Massimo Rostagno, Head of Monetary Policy Strategy Division, European Central Bank     PPS

-  Regional Overview: Competitiveness in SEE and Prospects in the Catching Up Process - Peter Mooslechner, Director, Economic Analysis and Research Section, Oesterreichische Nationalbank     PPS

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Session 2: Competitiveness and Experiences of the Old and New

Member States

- The Road to the Euro: The Greek Experience - Christos Papazoglou, Head of Balance of Payments Analysis Section, Bank of Greece      PPS

- The Czech Republic on its Way towards Euro - Petr Král - Director of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Analyses Division, Monetary and Statistics Department, Czech National Bank      PPS

- Competitiveness of Bulgaria's Economy and the Challenges of Real and Nominal Convergence - Grigor Stoevsky - Expert Economic Research and Forecasting Directorate, Bulgarian National Bank      PPS

13:30 Lunch  

15:00 Session 3: Challenges for SEE Countries

- Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Macedonia: Old Wisdoms and New Insights - Sultanija Bojceva Terzijan, MSc., Head of the Economic Modelling Division, Research Department, National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia     PPS

- Some Elements of the Competitiveness of the Serbian Economy - Milan Šojić, Deputy-General Manager, Research Department, National Bank of Serbia     PPS

- Competitiveness of the Albanian Economy with a View to Eventual EU Accession: Current Situation and Challenges Ahead - Niuton Mulleti - Head of Foreign Relations and European Integration Division, Department of Foreign Relations, European Integration and Communication, Bank of Albania     PPS

16:30 General discussion

17:00 Concluding remarks