The National Bank has been continuously establishing and promoting the cooperation with other central banks and international financial institutions.

The technical cooperation is based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and sharing best practices, which aims to strengthen the institutional capacity by increasing the level of professionalism, efficiency, independence and transparency of central banks.

Bilateral technical cooperation

In the framework of the bilateral cooperation, for a number of years the National Bank has been regularly collaborating with many central banks, including, as the most important strategic partners, De Nederlandsche Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Narodowy Bank Polski  and the European Central Bank.

The National Bank has also been focused on promoting regional cooperation, and in this regard it has signed cooperation agreements with the National Bank of Serbia, the Central Bank of Montenegro, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and the Croatian National Bank.

Multilateral technical cooperation

Regarding the technical assistance, the National Bank has also developed a fruitful cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in many areas of the central-banking operations and banking supervision.