The purpose of the effective exchange rates is to provide important and comparable measures for price and cost competitiveness between countries. Еffective exchange rates are based on weighted geometric averages of bilateral exchange rates of the currency of one country against the currencies of a selection of trading partners. With correction for the relative movements of the national price or cost indicators (domestic economy and foreign economies - trading partners) the real effective exchange rate is calculated. The NBRNM calculates REER based on the following price indicators (deflators): consumer price indices, producer price indices and unit labour cost indices.

The increase in the index of the real effective exchange rate of the Denar is interpreted as an appreciation of the domestic currency and reduced price competitiveness, while the decrease of the index indicate depreciation and a corresponding increase in the competitiveness.

    Latest developments:

In March 2022, compared to the same month of the previous year, the real effective exchange rate calculated according to the consumer prices registered appreciation of 2.3%, while deflated by producer prices depreciated by 1.6%. Such movements of the REER are а result of a decrease in the relative consumer prices and producer prices by 1.9% and 5.6%, respectively. The NEER registered an annual appreciation of 4.2%, mostly as a result of the appreciation of the Denar against the Turkish Lira.


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