The career in the National Bank is more than a normal performance of the work obligations. We will offer you opportunities for your personal and professional progress. Our environment is "different" and we provide a friendly, useful and creative working environment. 

Our core values are most important to us. Guided by them, we build the mutual cooperation, the cooperation with our clients and with our partners and we are recognizable by them in every environment.

When fulfilling our mission and strategic objectives, i.e. to preserve monetary and financial stability, we start from the following values:

Leadership - encouraging professionals to move forwards, to develop and to achieve results;

Professionalism - behavior in the spirit of respect, care for yourself and for others;

Transparency - regular informing and publishing information and data;

Innovation - working with creativity and new ideas;

Teamwork - teamwork achieves much more;

Integrity - building personal and organizational ethics;

Quality - continuous improvement of the standards in the operations;

Loyalty - care for the interests of the National Bank and commitment to the achievement of the mission, the vision and the strategic objectives of the bank.