Data for the "Transactions" consist of flows between affiliated entities based on equity capital, reinvestment of earnings and debt instruments. Debt instruments cover assets and liabilities between affiliated entities from abroad based on loans between affiliated entities, trade credits and advances between affiliated entities and assets and liabilities between affiliated entities based on other debt instruments.

Direct investment transaction data are calculated at market value.

Latest developments:

During the third quarter of 2020, the total direct investments in the country registered net-outflows of Euro 5.4 million, as a result of the reduced reinvestment of earnings by Euro 37.7 million, ­­­amid increased investments in intercompany debt and equity (by Euro 24.1 million and Euro 8.2 million, respectively).

In the period January-September 2020, net-inflows of Euro 119.5 million are a result of the investments in equity (Euro 77.1 million) and reinvestment of earnings (Euro 62.1 million), while intercompany debt reduced direct investments (Euro 19.7 million).




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