The National Bank compiles and publishes data on monetary statistics and other financial corporations statistics. Within the monetary statistics, data are compiled and published with monthly and/or quarterly dynamics. Balance sheets and surveys of depository corporations (National Bank, banks and savings houses), as well as data on the money supply and its components are compiled and published on a monthly basis. Data from the balance sheets and surveys of depository corporations are the basis for preparation of other monetary reports: deposits and loans with other depository corporations (banks and savings houses) and other depository corporations' loans extended to households. Until 2009, the data were compiled according to the old banks' chart of accounts. Since January 2009, the data were compiled according to the newly prescribed chart of accounts. In addition to the balance sheets and the surveys of depository corporations, the total balance sheet and the survey of other financial corporations, as well as the individual balance sheets and surveys of investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds management companies, pension funds management companies, finacial companies and finance leasing companies, and the financial corporations survey, are prepared and published on a quarterly basis.
Data are presented in domestic currency (in millions of Denars).


Within the interest rates statistics, an aggregate report on the weighted interest rates of other depository corporations on deposits received and loans granted is compiled. We compile and publish data on Denar and foreign currency deposits/loans to the nonfinancial corporations sector (public and other) and households (individuals, self- employed individuals and non-profit institutions serving households).Denar deposits/loans consist of Denar deposits/loans, while foreign currency deposits/loans include deposits/ loans in foreign currency and those in Denars with FX clause. Weighted interest rates are published for: total deposits received and loans granted; newly received deposits and newly granted; and overnight deposits, revolving credits, overdrafts and credit cards credits. 

We publish data on total deposits received and loans granted, individually by banks, savings houses, and by groups of banks.
Also, we publish data on Deposits and lending interest rates of the National Bank.
Data are presented in percentages on annual level.