International investment position (IIP) presents the stock and structure of external financial assets and liabilities vis-à-vis non-residents based on financial instruments, on a specific date.

The difference between the total international financial assets and liabilities presents the net-international investment position of a country. Thereby, negative net international investment position means that financial liabilities exceed the financial claims on non-residents.

Latest developments:

At the end of September 2020, the negative net international investment position amounted to Euro 6,832 million, or 62.7% of the GDP forecasted for 2020. On a quarterly basis, the negative IIP increased by Euro 111 million, resulting from the larger increase in liabilities, compared to the increase in assets.

Observed by instrument, the net liabilities based on debt instruments increased by Euro 187 million, while net liabilities based on equity instruments decreased by Euro 75 million.  Read more...


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