Issuance and characteristics of the currency


1. Legal tender in the Republic of Macedonia


Legal tender in the Republic of Macedonia is the Macedonian Denar. The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins and is responsible for the supply of banknotes and coins which are a legal tender in the Republic of Macedonia. 

The National Bank shall determine the fair value, size, weight, design, security and other features of the banknotes and coins issued in the Republic of Macedonia. 

Banknotes in circulation (1996 issue and 2003 issue) are:

  • 2000 Denars - 2016 issue 
  • 1000 Denars - 1996 issue and 2003 issue
  • 500 Denars - 1996 issue and 2003 issue 
  • 200 Denars - 2016 issue
  • 100 Denars - 1996 issue 
  • 50 Denars - 1996 issue 
  • 10 Denars - 1996 issue

2. Printing and characteristics of the banknotes


Given the fact that the selection of the company that prints the banknotes is subject to a bidding process, different companies may print banknotes of different denominations. 

Banknotes issued by the National Bank are made according to the highest international standards, on high quality paper made ??from 100% cotton fibers, with embedded elements for protection against counterfeiting. 
The banknotes posses a number of security features, such as a watermark, windowed thread, intaglio print, latent image, microtext, see-through feature and optically variable ink. Given the fact that the possession of counterfeit money is an economic loss, it is extremely important the protective elements of the banknotes to be recognized in order to easily identify their originality.