Back-office operations are internal operations of the National bank associated with settlement of transactions concluded on the financial markets, and involve: processing, confirmation and settlement of transactions, accounting and reconciliation of the cash and custody accounts.

Back-office operations contribute significantly to the implementation of the monetary policy and to the foreign reserves management. In terms of monetary policy, back-office operations support the following instruments: open market operations, reserve requirement, deposit facilities, overnight credit and intraday credit. At the same time, in foreign reserves management, the National bank is trading with the following financial instruments: spot, forward and swap transactions in foreign currency and gold, outright and repo transactions in securities, lending of securities and derivatives. For the settlement of transactions related to these instruments, the National bank uses the established correspondent relations with foreign central and commercial banks and foreign depositories. 

The National bank's back-office operations are carried out in accordance with the internal procedures that reflect international best practices contained in the codes of conduct for the financial market operations.