Curriculum Vitae

Gadaf Redjepi

Gadaf Redjepi is an Associate Professor at the University of Southeast Europe, where he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate studies: Basic Accounting, International Accounting Standards, Strategic Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Marketing in the Banking Sector and Game Theory. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, St. Cyril and Methodius University in 2002, received his master's degree in 2007 and his doctorate in February 2011 at the same faculty. During his doctoral studies, he completed a one-semester study visit at the University of Wolverhampton, the United Kingdom, as well as a one-month study visit at the University of Vries, Brussels, Belgium. After graduation, he was employed at Pro-Credit Bank in Skopje and completed six-month training in Kosovo. After a two-week lecture on the banking sector by experts from Germany, he received a certificate as a credit analyst. A year after, he was employed at the University of Southeast Europe, where he still works.

Gaddafi Rexhepi is very active in the field of research, publishing in over 60 renowned economic journals, including Sustainable Development Journal with IF of 6.1, Industrial Marketing Management with IF of 6.96, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management with IF of 8.74, as highly ranked journals in the field of economic science. In 2016, he received the Award for Excellence - Outstanding Paper by Emerald Group Publishing for a best scientific paper by the renowned magazine "Journal of Enterprise Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy. He has also published ten books, including The Role of Institutions in the Economic Growth of the Countries with Special Emphasis on the Republic of North Macedonia, Banking and Financial Operations in the Islamic System, Game Theory etc. with Springer, Emerald, Taylor and Francis as publishers. He has also co-authored eight chapters with many eminent names, and is the author of the Rutledge Handbook of Social Finance, co-authored by professors from Cambridge and Oxford. He has participated in many scientific conferences, including at the University of Cambridge and Oxford.

Gadaf Redjepi has been frequently invited as a keynote speaker at various scientific and professional conferences, including at Lampung University in Indonesia. From 2012 to 2015, he was vice-dean for teaching and learning at the Faculty of Economics at the SEE University, as well as acting dean in 2018. He was also a member of the Financial and Audit Control Commission of the University. He is currently a consultant to the Rector for university development. He was also the chairman of the Bankruptcy Trustees Committee and one of the founders and author of the methodology for valuation of enterprises, state institutions, real estate, machinery and equipment. He was also a member of the first board of the Chamber of Appraisers of North Macedonia for a period of one term.