Curriculum Vitae

Sinisha Naumoski , Ph.D.

Date of birth:25.12.1982


2016 - present: Postdoctoral education in prestigious educational institutions in  Germany

  • FORUM Institute for Management, Heidelberg (Germany);
  • EBS Business School & Strachey Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIIE), Oestrich-Winke, (Germany);
  • HORVÁTH Akademie, Stuttgart (Germany) and
  • Controller Akademie, Munich (Germany).

2012, PhD in Economics

Sts Cyril and Methodius University, Dissertation: Modern Concepts of Financial Statements Auditing and Audit of Performance in Commercial Banking

2009, MSc in Economics

Thesis: Financial Statements in the Function of Making Manager’s Decisions in Companies

2008, MSc in Medicine

Sts Cyril and Methodius University,  Public Health Management, Master’s thesis in finance

2005, Bachelor of Economics

Study programme: accounting, finance and audit

Certificate for Chartered Accountant

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia No. 11-2309/2.

Certified Retail Trainer

Retail Banking Academy of London (Great Britain)

Certified Controlling Trainer

School of Controlling, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Controller Diploma (Trainer)

Controller Akademie® Munich (Germany).


December 2017 - present, associate at the Institute for Business & Management HEIDELBERG, Germany.

On 13.03.2018, he was elected an Associate Professor by the members of the Dean's Board in Heidelberg (Germany), consisting of: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel, (President), Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, (member), and Doc. Dr. Brigitte Spielmann, (member).

February 2014 - present, Executive Director and member of the Academic Council of the Academy of Banking and Information Technology (ABIT) Skopje; and Editor-in-Chief of the expert and scientific finance magazine in Macedonian and Albanian language “E-Banker".

June 2016 -  present, Authorized lecturer and partner at the German Controller Akademie® (Munich) for Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Albania.

April 2009 - June 2011, Financial Manager of SEMOS Group.

June 2008 - April 2010, employee at the General Directorate of TTK Bank A.D. Skopje in the Controlling sector.

April 2012 - 2014, Consultant of GEM Accounting, Skopje.

January 2008 - May 2008, employee at Triple S Learning Center - Skopje

16.02.2004 - 02.09.2007, Accountant at NAUMOSKI Consulting, an accounting and financial institution


October 2008 – present, Assistant Professor at the higher education institution for business studies Euro College in Kumanovo.

July 2013 - 2016, Assistant Professor at FON University - Republic of Macedonia;

July - August 2013, visiting lecturer at a university in the European Union, at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Robert Gora, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland.

August 2012 - September 2014, Assistant Professor at the International Slavic University G.R. Derzhavin, Macedonia, in Accounting Calculus and Analysis, and Control and Audit;