Ana Mitreska  

Vice Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

Date and place of birth:

14.4.1977, Skopje


2000-2006, postgraduate studies in monetary economics at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje: "Optimal monetary strategy for small and open economies". GPA: 9.89.

1995 - 1999, undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, Department of Economics - Finance and Banking. Graduated Economist. GPA: 9.82.

Language proficiency:

English (advanced), German (elementary)

Computer literacy:

MS Office, EViews, Statа

Working experience:

Since January 2011, Director of the National Bank Monetary Policy and Research Department. Coordinates, organizes and promotes the work of the Department in the area of regular reports and other analytical research. Introduces new concepts and defines guidelines during the performance of regular activities. Provides an opinion on the mid-term forecasts of the National Bank and on their consistency with the results of the short-term forecasting. Takes active participation in the formulation of proposals for changes in monetary policy, as well as in discussions related to this issue through the membership in the Operational Monetary Policy Committee. Takes part and coordinates the project activities in the Department. Her portfolio includes project activities in the area of ​​monetary and fiscal policy, international economy, banking and corporate finance. Most of these activities are published in the form of scientific and expert papers. Also, she is directly involved in discussions with international financial institutions and rating agencies. As part of the Monetary Policy and Research Department, she has been engaged as a guest lecturer at the domestic higher education institutions at undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

May 2004 - December 2010, Deputy Director of the National Bank Monetary Policy and Research Department.

January 2004 - May 2004, Head of the Research Unit, and later of the Monetary Policy Unit at the Monetary Policy and Research Department.

March 2000 - January 2004, junior statistician, statistician, analyst and senior analyst at the Monetary Policy and Research Department.

November 1999 - March 2000, junior auditor at the Macedonian Audit Center, Skopje

Attendance at seminars and conferences

During her working engagement in the National Bank, she has upgraded her expertise attending at international seminars hosted by international financial institutions and central banks, soft skills training courses, and taking active participation in conferences. These training courses has helped her acquire practical skills and knowledge necessary for performance of tasks related to monetary policy making and research activities of the National Bank. Soft skills training courses has helped her strengthen her capabilities for active and assertive communication, as a prerequisite for creating a positive work environment.  

  1. "Money and Banking Statistics", IMF Seminar in Vienna, 26.06.2000-16.07.2000;
  2. "Discover of a Financial Center:, FTTA Seminar in Luxembourg, 15.10.2001-23.10.2001;
  3. "Financial Markets and Stock Exchange in Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank Seminar in Frankfurt, 09.12.2001-14.12.2001;
  4. "Monetary Policy and Operations", Bank of England Seminar in London, 18.02.2002-26.02.2002;
  5. "Financial Programming and Policies", IMF Seminar in Washington, 23.09.2002-15.11.2002;
  6. "Operational Monetary Policy", Dutch Central bank Seminar in Amsterdam, 09.04.2003-12.04.2003;
  7. "Promoting Monetary Stability", BIS Seminar in Vienna, 15.12.2003-19.12.2003;
  8. "Forecasting Models for Macroeconomic Policy", World Learning and USAID Seminar in den Haag, 15.09.2003 -20.09.2003;
  9. "Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy", Central bank of Switzerland Seminar in Gerzensee, 16.03.2004-01.04.2004;
  10. "Issues in Exchange Rate Policies", IMF Seminar in Vienna, 07.08-11.08.2006;
  11. "Applied Economic Research in Central Banks", Deutsche Bundesbank Seminar in Frankfurt, 13.11-17.11.2006;
  12. Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) Seminar on “Real Convergence and Monetary Policy Issues for Countries on their Way to the EU” January 22 - 26, 2007;
  13. EViews, Follow Up, Seminar held in NBRM, TA from IMF (July, 2007).
  14. " Economic Conference on central, eastern and south-eastern Europe", ECB, October, 2007; Presentation given, tackling the issue of: "Real Convergence and Monetary Policy: Macedonian Case"
  15. "Macroeconomic Diagnostics", IMF, April 2008
  16. "Inflation Targeting", CNB, May, 2009
  17. Macroeconomic Modelling and Forecasting, Bank of Italy, July, 2010
  18. "Policy options and Adjustments for small and open economies, in times of crisis",  BNB, November 2010
  19. 3rd Bank of Greece Workshop on Economies of Eastern European & Mediterranean Countries
  20. "Modern Monetary Economics", IMF, June 2011
  21. “South – Eastern Europe Workshop” – Central bank of Greece
  22. Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Transition Countries" – Central bank of Switzerland, May 2013
  23.  “Banking Supervision for Non-supervisors”, IMF, March 2014
  24. Monetary Policy in Developing Economies –Workshop, central bank of Turkey, May 2014
  25. “Unconventional Monetary Policy - Professional Courses” – Barcelona School of Economics, May 2015
  26. “Macroprudential Polices “ IMF, June 2016
  27. The transmission mechanism of new and traditional instruments of monetary and macroprudential instruments, central bank of Belgium, October 2016
  28. “14th Annual NBP-SNB Joint Seminar on monetary policy spillovers”, Central bank of Switzerland, May 2017
  29. “Central Bankers Certificate Program”, Central bank of Netherlands and Central bank of Armenia, May 2017